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Carol, very inviting and refined menu.

A third storm? My, my. Say hello to Pat from me, plese.

Buon appetito, though late.



Carol -- your opening line reminds me of a most gorgeous writer, possibly translated, in a French even I can understand: Philippe Delerm: La premiere gorgee de biere. He writes short observations on the minuscule pleasures of life: the first drink you take from a pint of beer (is the best!), of being suddenly asked to stay for dinner when you called round at friends on a weekday, reading on the beach...



Paula, Aisha,

Pat says hello to you both. Ah, vignettes by a bon vivant--that's what I'd like to do but in reality I'm not really a foodie. It's fun pretending, though. Maybe I'll *grow* into it.


Eliot Prufrock


Eating well is having your eyes opened.
You're walking down the sidewalk
in a city you hardly know
and the sun is engaged with oaks.
Lean buildings kneel by the river,
drink in reflections of themselves
and you become. The invisible ant
in the shadows becomes visible,
the trees are each leaf and the sun
whipping the backsides of clouds into gallop,
sings in the cremation of day,
just as you do with each bite of your meal,
just as the air does to be lived in by you.

Carol says, "Ten pounds and counting." (and a 10K run this spring :))).)

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