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Eliot Prufrock

Or, conversely, the continual remaking of reality will always require new language.

What does one call it, situational language?


Yessss! You intellectual, you -- glad someone peruse the Review and share the digest with us: AND me too, use the compounds -- often seen also in translations of Tao (but couldnt find an example now) -- and people often critique that.

Alibi by N.Y. Review!


Ranger Teper

Hmmm... I commented on this but it seems to have been gobled by cyber goblins.

Anyway, just to say that, like any technique, of course it loses its effectivness when over- or poorly used. But no one would accuse you of that, Carol.

RT (who just when back and read Ode to Psyche. Great piece)


I am a big fan of reinventing language. I liked your "quiet-night voice". And I like turning nouns into verbs as well.


I side with Judy and the re-invention of language. Thanks, for posting this, Carol.


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