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Here I am paging and asking you about hurricanes and do you have a blog yet, and the answer to both arrives in a URL!

I love this...gumbo limbo, Frances and all.
Nice to see you again virtually, after New Orleans so many cold rainy days ago.




Mother Nature played a trick on me, took away my electricity just as I was paging you, telling you how I'd been spared. Luckily, she was just kidding and it came back on. Millions are without though in the aftermath of the storm.



I'm glad you survived in good fashion. And can post it on your blog. Very nice. I realize that not all have the same hurricane experience but I usually enjoyed them. Of course, it wasn't always a crime to go out in them and explore. I liked going to the beach and watching the usually calm late summer ocean during a storm. Waves crashing sometimes almost to A1A. After the storm the beaches were so changed. Shelling became easier. Anyway, give my best to all the family.

Ranger Teper

Hey Carol. So great to hear that you're OK. My brother in-law and family are all safe in Guatemala (he, on business, his wife and daughter decided to join him for some reason ;-) Great pictures! So wonderful to see your smiling face.



Carol, glad to find the blog, to see you aree OK. I heard of the hurricane in Florida and immediately thought of you ( thought of Chris, too...where is that boy?).

Cool blog; excellent, if showing the destructive power of nature) pictures.


Ranger Teper

Hey Carol. Hope your doing OK after Frances, and that you have time to read this. Anyway, I was reading your "About Me" info and the part about weeding the collection reminded my of a novel by Connie Willis (a great writer who, unfortunately, has been pigeon-holed in the SF category and who deserves better... but I digress) called "Bellwhether." In it, the main character likes to go to the library and sign out various classics--not to read but just so they get signed out once in a while, to avoid getting "weeded."

Take care,



Peter! Good stuff. I enjoyed your reference to Connie Willis' weeding anecdote. It's true librarian activism. I have "pretended" that a book has been checked out once or twice myself (ssshh!) in order to keep it on the shelf. Why throw away Black Beauty just because no student in two years thought it worth their while?


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