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Glad to know I wasn't the only one who had trouble with that first question. I thought I was going nuts! So when I read your post, I googled it, and found a blog entry (http://www.sbpoet.com/2005/03/the_stick.html) that seems to give a plausible answer. I dunno. How many people have read Farenheit 451? Maybe it was required reading at some point, but never where or when I went to school.

BTW, I loved the crack about "I don't buy books".





Hello! Oh, yes, NOW I remember. So which book would I want to SAVE--Paradise Lost by John Milton.



Yes -- that makes sense...

Now I have to rethink the whole thing.

Right now I am finishing The Shipping News for the second time -- maybe that one?

A Nwe Yorker in Newfoundland:

"..His aroused senses imbued the far scene with enormous importance. The small figures against the vast rock with the sea beyond. All the complex wires of lief were stripped out and he could see the structure of life. Nothing but rock and sea, the tiny figuers of humans and animals against them for a brief time."



The typos are mine...

Shipping News

Oh, The Shipping News. Quoyle. Jeez.

He will forever be linked to Kevin Spacey in my mind. I think Annie Proulx is a great writer but I have a thing for Spacey.



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