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hello again! I had to delete this NC post because of inconsistencies in the font, etc. Anyway, I'll post the pix again when I've got it under control. Whatever.

donna degroot

"Stopping by..." by Frost is one of my favorite poems and you did it justice! What fun! Re: your comment on my "Starlight" review...I've tried for 2 years to get the Pips to join us and no one ever has, so I've given up (Elaine and Dave can walk there.) Unfortunately, it's over for this year. they used to run all of July and August, but I think it's too expensive as the bands are so good and it's very well run. So next summer we must do it, okay? AND, tell Pat..."If you build it, we will come." Donna


Thanks, Donna, for 'stopping by' yourself. One thing my little wink and a nod to Frost proves--it takes more than rhyme scheme, form, and meter to make a poem. And you would know.


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