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Been to Iceland and I could swear the aftermath hit us there :)
How did you guys do then? I adore this one, of palms in hurricane.

Your poet friend


Dear Friends,

This is my first chance to get any access to the internet since Wilma slammed us on Monday morning. I am at an Office Depot that has a generator hooked up so patrons can get a few minutes of access.

We are all okay--but no power, no phones(landlines), and water is availale but must be boiled. Ou newspaper is printed in Orlando and trucked down to Lauderdale so we have that. No schools are open yet.

There is a long line of people waiting to use these very few computers. I just miss all of you and was suffering from 'internet withdrawal.'

Talk to you when the power and phones are back--they think November 22nd at the latest ut probably before that.



Good to hear-- but sounds like a difficult life :(

Posted a link to this at the Oasis in the Desert where no hurricane ever reaches...


Good to see you back online, Carol. Very artistic and poetic representation.


Oh, no, I was afraid that would happen. The windblown palms are not mine. I found the free gif on the net and posted in a hurry to decorate my poem.


ALl it did was draw attention away from the excellent opem :) which I realized I forgot to coment on. Deserves a post at the oasis!


You nailed it..... beautifully crafted... although IRL I think wilma was harshly bleak... I totally grasp your move towards color! I saw it too... until the lights went out.

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