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Very nice, Carol. I'd like a free mango.


What a wonderful scene! As simple as it is, I still get the vibe of a summer's day:>


Nice image CAROL... watch out for the mangos though they are related to poison I.V. Anyway, I also want to take this opportunity to tell you again that I enjoy your blog. I will however be w/o internet access until further notice so Good luck w/ your endevours. I will try to visit you when at the library etc. My blog (Born One Lucky Guy) will be suspended. Thanks for all your feedback.


Very nice scene, Mojitos, mangoes and chairs outside….
You make me want to take a vacation.

ugg knightsbridge

I love that drawing! It reminds me of that old TV show (might still be going actually..) in North America called The Big Comfy Couch. Definitely need on of those at home!

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