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Peter Garner

Oooh. I can't wait! Hopefully, I'll have a little present for you too.

Peter (who writes this to force himself to finish the damn thing already!)

Golden Owl

Hello Carol, long time since I've been here. I'm goingto surf your site a bit. Just to tell ya, Little Orphan Annie is a great poem, bet your could go into -START, PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, ENTERTAINMENT, SOUND RECORDER- and record yourself reciting it. It'd be easy to post that and or email it to people. Do you have a mic? "inquiring minds wanna know" lol


Oh Carol...and I did nothing for National Poetry Month!
I have that poem in an anthology...it is very cool, in dialect too!
Well done---and yes, look forward to hearing it LIVE!
Aaaaand, I know that post card -- received it a coupla days ago from you, and it was so great to get live mail!
Postcards from Poets--- gonna have to post the card there, I think...

And Peter seems to be cooking up something...a chapbook?

jerry dreesen


Hi....you probably don't remember me....from Nevadachat?

Shisa sent me this, knowing I'm from Indiana.

I grew up with Riley. too.
I have so many favorites...

thanks for the reminder :>)



Golden: Yes, I do have a mic. I think I'll try that, thanks for the tip.

Shisa: " did nothing for National Poetry Month!" It's not too late, it's only the 4th!

Jerry: Well, of COURSE I remember you. And I've visited your blog with the beautiful art/poetry collaborations several times. Thanks for stopping by mine.

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