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That's an interesting observation, but I wonder why it is true. Why would an email present more of a blank slate than a letter? Is it because the idea of a personal letter has become quaint in its scarcity so that it is greeted with default delight? Is it because we fire off emails without observing the niceties (such as a salutation, something like, "Dear Sister")Or is it a "medium is the message" thing? I can picture you standing, or sitting in an armchair, holding several sheets of a letter. That's different than sitting at a desk looking at a glowing screen. Although, to be honest, I am sitting up in bed, under the blankies, looking at a glowing screen--I love my laptop.
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Thanks for your comments!


Isn't it the idea of time being of the essence in an email--
and the lack of handwriting or even paper choice to convey clues to the recipient that makes an email give off no scent -- smoke all you like while writing, cry (no tears on the page) or seal it with a kiss (lipstick doesn't traverse cyberspace)--- BUT that's what emoticons are for I hate the little bastards myself but over-use them anyway.




"Smoke all you like while writing," hee hee. Now I am remembering the lavender scented paper from my childhood. Eeeew.

Shisa and Mary, you made my post!

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