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Peter Garner

Love both "Numbers" and your response. Do you know Jacques Prévert? Cornish's poem reminds me of one of his titled "Inventory" (Inventaire in French). I looked for an English translation on the Intertubes but couldn't find one. I have one here though. I think you'd find it delightful.

Hi Peter,

Had heard of Jacques Prévert but was not familiar with his poems. In the translation you sent (very interesting, btw) I wonder about the 11th line from the end--is that truly Tomb Thumb or Tom Thumb? It just jumped out at me. The acceleration in the poem at the end is exhilarating. The raccoons rinsing the life experiences are great! Thanks for the email.



great blog Carol, I liked the Mary Cornish one about numbers very much.
Maybe you should share it with your math teacher sister. see ya

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